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STORM (2012 Redraw) by DanSyron

I hope this will be an adequate enough critique. I honestly love this piece. Everything about it is just so well done. The shading, the color choices, and the originality is just perfect. A HUGE improvement over the original. It's not hard to see your growth as an artist. Even the minute details like the lighting coming off the character's hand, the energy collecting in that spot. Even the rips in the character's clothing is better.

As for the background. I like it, the setting sun and the colors that melt together are amazing, but part of me feels like there's something missing. Maybe something that gave a bit more of an impact. Or maybe I'm just missing the intended feeling behind the piece.

The character is completely unique. I didn't even notice at first that his fur kinda transitions into a diamond looking spike. That's pretty cool, and I love the glow affects. It's really hard to see someone that is able to achieve that affect without damaging the work around it. A lot of times I see a smear attempt in maybe a club setting, or a character with bio luminescence, but it just isn't executed properly. Comes out looking more like someone spilled some extra paint and someone tried to clean it up.

This actually looks like it's glowing from within the character's body itself. It doesn't ruin the background, or any part of the character. You can tell the artist paid a lot of attention to detail. You actually cared to make a significant improvement over the original work and didn't just take the meme and slap something basic that barely showcased what you're actually capable of.

Good work!
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DanSyron Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
thanks for the critique. Sorry I couldnt respond earlier, was having a bout with the most irritating desk assembly in the universe.

Addressing the background issue, I wasn't sure how deep to go with it primarily because I didn't want it distracting 'too' much from the character in the piece (getting contrast between the stormcloud and the large violet crystals was tough enough). But I see what you mean. Maybe another focal point would help move the eye more thoroughly through the image and get more motion.

Thank you for the bioluminescence comment. I try so hard to get that to look proper and 'natural' although it is very very far from being that way xD. I'm a pretty big stickler for getting lighting accurate in settings like this so I spend alot longer than most with it.

Once again, thanks so much for taking the time to critique this. It's very much appreciated.

duolover22 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
n.n I'm very happy to help. You are a talented artist. Keep up the good work!
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